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Why Tribal Politics’ hurts Remain

Grassroots, cross-party, cross-society, united...
I read an article posted from The Guardian that resonated with many discussions I see on our Facebook group. That article noted that the Conservative Party had made a strategic mistake in the General Election; seeing Leave’ voters as potentially providing many new MPs - but - completely forgetting that they had millions of Remain voters who promptly voted against them.

The referendum and consequent Brexit’ decision by the government has undermined traditional voting patterns and allegiances in an historic manner. 

People are prepared to vote outside traditional intentions as passions run high. 

Importantly, many people in this country understand that leaving the EU is a seismic event against ongoing prosperity (market access) and social justice (epitomised by the ECJ). This understanding is, to those millions, more important than any political colour.

So, why the headline?

The 48 has, since inception, been hardline grassroots. The creator of the group and the Steering Committee he set up understood that the EU was bigger than party politics. It had to transcend UK-centric political party views simply because those views were driven by Party activists who could put tactical gain before the interests of the country.

The Guardian article underscores this and brings home how vital it is that the Remain movement continues to be cross-party, inclusive and a reflection of the national importance attached to this cause. 

We most confront and oppose attitudes that view the Remain movement Through a tribal lense - this issue affects the nation and the PEOPLE who care about our prosperity come from every social group and political persuasion - tribalism for petty party politics demeans those who do not belong to 'your' tribe; at the cost of strength and unity.

  •    Anti-Tory sentiment pushes away our friends who are traditionally conservative, by alienating them through abusive rhetoric.
  •    Left/Right-wing Labour fighting and 'Corbyn-baiting' does nothing for the Remain cause but inevitably ensures that Remainers from both camps switch off.
  •   Calling Lib Dems irrelevant’ is simplistic abuse and ignores the importance of centre party politics generally and, specifically, the support that party gives to Remain
  •   Ignoring/disparaging the views of regional parties delivers no benefit but frequently ensures supporters of those groups see Remain as another big party’ issue.

Only by coming together do we maintain a strong voice.

Every time someone makes an abusive Anti-Tory comment they are hurting the Remain cause. If you want to abuse someone (a) take it to political pages/forums and (b) focus on the Government! There are millions of Conservative voters who hate what is going on and making generalised comments not only loses us the voice of those people but it drops us down to the level of Leave.EU people; mindlessly abusing anyone they disagree with.

To be a true grassroots organisation all of us need to transcend  tribal political allegiance in favour of cohesion. Together we really are a strong voice. Split along party lines we simply become fringe entities in each of our respective tribal areas. Safely patronised and easily ignored.

The true strength of the Remain movement comes from its joining together of people from every walk of life. Do not let your anger at what is going on blind you to this vital reality.


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