Saturday, 30 June 2018

Postcards from the 48%: A Story of Gentle and Determined Patriotism

A cast of 572 remainers, four countries, heads of trade unions, of business, of political parties and of families, Jewish refugees, Polish airmen, British veterans, nurses, students. Postcards from the 48% takes a broad brush and paints for you, against the vast canvas of the best that the British Isles have to offer, the story of our time.

The narrative sets out the Brexit debate in a calm and measured tone, a world away from the anger and vitriol of the debate of 2016. In a series of honest, thoughtful discusssions with those who are aware of the issues for their commuities, the impact of the referendum is laid out. Away from the rhetoric of the political fight, it sets out the very personal cost of leaving Europe. What aftersun is to sunburn, this film is to the Brexit debate.

Directed and produced by David NicholasWilkinson, this has been a labour of love, crafted over 18 months. He has worked with grass roots members of the remain movement from individuals through to the nascent activist groups through to old hands in politics. As such, he captures a cross section of this movement and tells the story of remain, in a way that the mass media fails to. Any remain voter watching this film will find themselves at home in it.

The soundtrack, the vistas shown in the film, the interviews with such a crosssection of the the population are an affirmation of all that is great about Britain; its industrial beauty, its modern city scapes, the rugged coastlines, the emerald Isle. The people whose passion for Europe, whose commitment to peace and integration and to the well being of their communities is inspiring.

Brexit marks a watershed moment in the history of the UK. Depending on how this moment in our history plays out, the film Postcards from the 48% has two possible futures.

Brexit ends as Brexit should; consigned to the dustbin and we return to the fold, chastised but joyful and with a deeper understanding of the EU and our place in the world. This film becomes a documentary of our time and what was done to avert the disaster.

Brexit ends as Brexit could; and this film becomes an underground classic, passed from secret group to secret group, inspiring generations for a future fight against fascism.

The latter dystopian option is perhaps a little extreme.

But this is your chance to go and see the story we, as a country, are writing together. Do not miss it!

Here is a link to the screenings.

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