Wednesday, 7 February 2018

News Bulletin: Project Smear?

by Pamela Sorsby and Gemma Knowles 7th February 

David Davies (Conservative MP for Monmouth) took umbrage at SODEM protesters outside Parliament. He claimed they bullied and verbally abused him but the body language in footage from film crews and onlookers tells a different story. Could Davies be jumping on the Rees-Mogg fracas-wagon?

Also this week Zac Goldsmith shared a threatening  letter he claims a constituent received from a Remain group. We don't know if it's genuine or not yet
What does all this mean for us? The Remain movement, now more than ever, needs go high in the face of low behaviour like Paul Golding’s "Britain First" threatening to turn its cannons on Antifa for aiming at right-wing figures. This country does not need an escalation of right wing vs. left wing antagonism. (If you wish to join a discussion about this follow the link)


On the weekend of the 27th of January 46 European Movement branches up and down the country had a day of action, focussing on the issues of EURATOM and the NHS. Leaving EURATOM, which we will need to do in order to remove the country from the jurisdiction of the ECJ, will have the side effect of making it more difficult to get radioactive isotopes, necessary for identifying and treating cancer.

(Another faux-) Boris Johnson was giving away £350 Million at Bath’s Pulse of Europe event on 4th February, although the checque he gave to Madeleine Kaye turned out to be fraudulent. Madeleine Kaye has also been active as an ambassador for the Remain movement. Earlier this year she organised an action called Letters to Europe where she took letters from Remainers to Brussels, where she met Guy Verhofstadt, whom she presented with a copy of one of her books. 

Up-coming events 

The "12 regional rallies" is returning on the weekend of the 24th of March - the original took place last year on the 14th of October. Keep your eyes open for events around the country!

On March 24th there will be march in Leeds  – you don’t have to be a northerner to attend, but it may help. They are looking for marshalls to help out on the day. Can you make it? Can you help by raising awareness?

Two further initiatives coming soon to pay attention to are the is the #IsitWorthIt campaign and One Day without us.

The Is it Worth it  campaign is sending a Brexit Facts Bus around the country and visit local groups.

One day without us On 17th February a nationwide series of events are going on to raise awareness of the role played in our lives, our society and our economy by our fellow EU citizens. This initiative is a repeat of last year's event. 
The Young Europeans Movement has also launched a site aimed at the youth vote; please feel free to help them out by sharing and liking their page!

And finally, Best for Britain is a new player on the scene working to support local groups and activists everywhere in the United Kingdom. Check out their website and see if they have a training day near you.

EU News

The EU has announced an initiative to reduce the use of the plastic bottles in the EU zone. This would help reduce the amount of plastic waste that is polluting the world seas at the moment. Finally, internet shopping will be made much fairer through making geoblocking much more difficult; one price suits all in the internet.

Not quite Brexit News

Trump’s tweet on the NHS march missed the point, being used instead to attack the US’ own healthcare system. The BBC didn’t give the march much more attention than Trump, although the No 10Vigil was there to tell people that they can have Brexit or the NHS, not both. NHS funding isn’t going to improve post-Brexit, especially if the UK leaves the Single Market and the Customs Union

* To follow some of the links you may have to join some of the closed groups. 

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