Tuesday, 6 February 2018

An Ordinary Remoaner

An Ordinary Remoaner

by Robert Cunliffe

I'm an ordinary Remoaner
Who's had e-fuckin'-nough
Of the bullshit they are spouting,
This Brexit bollocks stuff.

It isn't getting any better.
It's going from bad to worse.
We're heading for oblivion
In a unicorn-drawn hearse.

We're stuck out on the edges
Of the continental shelf,
Haemorrhaging influence and
All vestiges of wealth.

No one wants our trade deals.
We've become a pariah state.
Our economy's stagnating,
The worst in the G8.

We've goosed ourselves so badly
That it's getting hard to say
What the future holds for us.
Will we right ourselves one day?

Or is this just the first stage
In a terminal disaster?
Is our only option now to
Apply a sticking plaster?

At present, though, the truth is
That things are looking bleak.
More businesses are moving,
Even as we speak.

Hindsight is a marvellous thing.
It also takes the piss.
Was there really no alternative?
Did it have to come to this?

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