Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Clarion Call to action: Ever thought of joining Twitter?

By Nigel Grey

If we are to #Stopbrexit then we need to swing public opinion and show the "will" of the people has changed. We need everyone here to help and although you might feel worn down and frustrated there is one thing you can do. 
There ar
e 3 basic ways of changing public opinion.  

No 1 Reality bites (Job losses, price hikes etc). This will take time ... time we do not have. 
No 2 Public engagement (street stalls etc) 
No 3 Social media. 

Public engagement is very effective but it takes a certain personality to stick your head so publically above the parapet and also you need to be somewhere where you can do it, ie in the UK and near other remainers who are willing to join you. 

Social media however is something we can all do. The two basic platforms we use are Facebook and Twitter, although we are starting to branch out to Instagram etc. The fact you are reading this says you use Facebook, but the trouble with Facebook is most of the people we want to influence use it to watch cats and discuss recipes. Getting someone's attention is difficult. How many people here post on their wall and get no likes? Facebook is great for gathering people with similar interests’ together and sharing information, but reaching outside the bubble is very hard. 

Twitter also has its downsides; it is instant and a tweet does not have a long life; a single tweet is gone in seconds in the continual churn. However, that is where the #FBPE grouping and Twitterstorm comes in. #FBPE stands for Follow Back Pro EU ( or variation on the theme). 
If you have a twitter account add this to your name. For instance, one of my nom de guerres is “BritsfortheEU #FBPE”, this tells everyone that I tweet pro EU stuff, people follow me and I follow back. Suddenly I have 1000’s of people seeing what I tweet and retweeting it. 


Why is this helpful? To get noticed on Twitter (if your name isn't Donald Trump) it helps to get a certain hashtag trending; you may have seen this in the recent #metoo protests. The Remain movement has been building up our social media savvy and we first tried twitterstorms over a year ago. The idea was to pick a hashtagthat everyone could tweet so that it started to trend nationally. 
If we trend we break out of the bubble. When Brexit neutral Joe Bloggs logs into twitter he sees what hashtags are being used across the country. Last Thursday we used #Sendintheclowns. The idea is that Joe, who maybe Brexit neutral but wants to be up on the latest trends, clicks on the hashtag and is suddenly exposed to page upon page of Anti-Brexit jokes, cartoons, facts, truths and real news. Now we are operating outside the bubble and hopefully Joe sees something he likes and retweets to his followers, who again would never be exposed to this, so our message gets out there. 

For the last two weeks the remain twitterstorm has trended at No1 and so exposing our message to hopefully loads of new people.
If you have previously thought "I don’t like twitter and never use it, what good can I do?" - here is your answer! Most of the FBPE network had never tweeted until after the Ref, so please create a twitter account add #FBPE to your name and join the fun. 

If you don’t know where to start , please join this new group the 48% - twitter for Dummies and read the posts or ask a question, one of our team of experts will help you.


If you have an account add #FBPE to your name and join The 48% - twitterstorm

Now is our time to stop this fiasco before the country is irreparably damaged.

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