Friday, 19 January 2018

The 48% - Guidelines to our FACEBOOK group

We oppose Brexit. The result of the referendum was flawed; and as my mother often said, just because the majority are doing it, it doesn’t make it right. It is our democratic right and our patriotic duty to oppose an action that will ruin our country’s economy, global standing, and will reduce our childrens’ quality of life and will remove our European Citizenship rights against our will. 

  •  Be passionate. Be funny. Be polite. Be respectful.
  • We are a cross- party / party neutral group. Brexit is something that affects us all, regardless of party affiliations. We need people in all the political parties, influencing them from within, therefore:
    1. We will not allow posts that recruit for a particular party
    2. We will not allow divisive posts
    3. We will not tolerate people being intolerant about party affiliations
    4. Moderators and admins here are volunteers. We have families, jobs, a life outside the internet. We will not tolerate any attacks on moderators’ decisions. If you have a problem with moderation this is the email address:
  • We pre-approve posts. This means your post may take a while to be approved. If your post has not been approved / rejected it could be because:
    1. It was not related to Brexit
    2. It is a repeat post
    3. The attachment has not worked
    4. It has been considered to be divisive
    5. We have not got round to it yet. (please refer to point 4 above)
  • Due to the sheer volume of posts we will only contact you if we have deleted your post if we have time.
  • The 48% is a closed group; no sharing posts without the OP’s permission; if you want to share an article you will need to go the source.
  • If you see a comment that is offensive / against the group’s ethos please report it. You can do this by clicking either on the little “v” in the top right hand of the post, or on the “…” next to the comments. Please be patient, it may take us a while to get round to dealing with it. If you have reported a post, please keep an eye on your messages as we may need to talk to you if it is unclear as to why the post has been reported.
  • Do not call someone out as being a “troll”. Instead, follow point 7. The reasons for this are …
    1. It is rude
    2. If the person is a troll, they have a chance to leave before we can “kick” and block them.

  • We follow a procedure for removing people from the group. If you have been removed from the group you may contact us via the following email address:
We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group based on their behaviour within the group.

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