Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Cakewatch – the Podcast for those who like watching cake …

Cakewatch: the podcast which is your compass to guide you through the Twittersphere and the Brexit Negotiations.

Brexit can be a jungle to the initaited and uninitiated alike – all those laws and papers and the misdirection from the British press make understanding it tricky and arduous. The Twittersphere, where many get their information from nowadays, is also as difficult to negotiate as a Brexit red line. Which accounts should you follow to get reliable insights into the Great British Break Down?

To guide you through these treacherous jungles come “Guitarmoog” and “Ottocrat". The two hosts guide their listeners through the ins and outs of “cakeism.” They nominally follow themes, although the program does occasionally get hijacked by developments in the news. They deal with issues thrown up by the negotiations, answering viewers’ questions and reading the reports so you don’t have to. It has a distinct aftertaste of Brussels which is what makes this podcast special; it gives you an insight into Brexit from across the pond while keeping you fully informed about the latest news of the UK’s break down and, more importantly, what it all means.

They answer listeners’ questions, interview the Twitterati and experts, and recommend Twitter threads from the experts to read up on. They also advertise pro EU groups and have a feature - “lie of the week” which gives those watching Brexit unfold a strange sense of satisfaction that at least some of the untruths are being called out. They do all this with a twist of humour and a great big dollop of expertise.

So if you want to be guided through the EU jungle, the swamp of Brexit and the toilet of British Politics without stepping in anything nasty, Cakewatch is the Podcast for you. 

If you wish to get them to reinstate the "Sponsor the podcast for nothing" feature for Pro EU Groups - please contact them with a message advertising your  Local Group! I suspect the best way is to tweet them: