Sunday, 9 December 2018

Action Stations! A list to help you get active!

This week's summary of the movement was compiled by EC Young.  Thank you!

There are so many scattered lists of petitions, actions, groups that I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and exhausted trying to keep track. This is a crucial week to take action.
Some younger British people I know are soft Remainers of the apathetic variety, so I decided to make a sharable personal hyperlinked shortlist of the currently best supported (eg biggest membership, most signatories, highest profile, most impactful legal) ProEU/Anti-Brexit links, groups, legal/ongoing protest actions, sources of info, for them to get involved as easily as possible.
This is deliberately NOT an exhaustive list to keep it "relatively" short & quickly actionable.

Here’s a decent video compilation of where we are as of Fri 7th Dec 2018.…

The vote for Parliament to support May’s Deal or not THIS Tuesday 11 Dec 2018 will be crucial.
It looks pretty likely May’s Deal (also known as Soft Brexit/ no say vassal state) won’t get through parliament, because Brexit and Remain MPs both hate it, although Remainers must not relax.
This leaves us only two possibilities in the time we have left - No Deal (also known as WTO rules/ Hard Brexit), or "A People’s Vote with an option to Remain". There’s no time or willingness in the EU for a Norway Plus type renegotiation.
1) Write to your MP (doesn’t matter if they are a Brexiter - it’s about showing the high level of support to vote down May’s Deal (Soft Brexit/ no say) this Tuesday, our massive opposition to No Deal (WTO Rules/ Hard Brexit), and to strongly support going back to the people for a People’s Vote with an Option to Remain.

This site helps build a personalised template to find & email your MP. It’s best to rewrite the subject line and reword some of the email so that it’s more you, but if you don’t have time then just use the template on its own. ANY letter is better than no letter!

Or use this online email tool:

and follow the People’s Vote campaign on this website:
their Facebook and/or Twitter

2) Consider joining/subscribing to one or more anti-Brexit groups, protests, marches, discussions, meetings to stay up-to-date and informed about the progress of anti-Brexit.

Avaaz “Vote Down Brexit” protest - tomorrow 7pm (Monday 10 Dec 2018)

Our Future Our Choice

Best For Britain

The 48% (and Beyond)

We Are #StopBrexit

Scientists for EU (SfEU)

The Independent newspaper

The New European newspaper

JK Rowling is anti-Brexit! And for a People’s Vote

Molly Scott Cato - UK Green Party Member of the European Parliament

3) Consider donating a £1, £2, £5 or more to these ongoing protest and/or legal actions:

Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) running the largest ever anti-Brexit lobbying campaign by young people

Strengthening Our Negotiating Hand - a GoodLaw Project - getting the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to definitively rule on whether the UK can unilaterally take back the Article 50 withdrawal letter. Ie can the UK decide to Remain on its own, without giving up any of our current rights, rebates and opt-outs that we currently enjoy as members of the EU.

The UK in EU Challenge - asking the UK High Court to declare that the result of the EU Referendum is invalid and asking for the decision of the Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 to be quashed as a result of illegal practice by the Leave campaign.

Article 50 Challenge - Declare the Article 50 notification given on 29 March 2017 is invalid, and we are seeking to challenge its legality in the courts. If we are successful, the notification will be nullified, Brexit will be halted, and the decision to leave or remain will be back in the hands of Parliament where it belongs, and failing a decision there, to go back to the people.

BrexitJusticeProsecution - a crowdfunded private prosecution against Boris Johnson MP for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office (i.e. holding a public official accountable for lying to the public while in a public position of trust).

Stand Of Defiance European Movement (SODEM) - DAILY PARLIAMENT PROTEST
Steven Bray - the “shouty man” in Parliament Sq who gets in all the news interviews outside parliament. He’s lost loads of weight having very little budget to eat every day. So donating the price of a value meal is most welcome!

Wolchover - Action Page (Tries to keep track of relevant legal cases)…/

4) Sign some or all of these petitions for free (the parliament ones need you to click a link in an email afterwards to confirm your signature is real and not a bot) if you haven’t already done so (technically the one has been handed in already, but the numbers can keep ticking upwards):

Give People a Final Say on Brexit Deal…

Grant a People's Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement

Rescind Article 50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding 2016 referendum

Stop Brexit if supplies of vital medication can't be guaranteed


5) ProEU/AntiBrexit Merchandise/Supplies! - Berets, stickers, flags, clothing, wristbands, badges, etc
Berets, T-shirts, Wristbands, Flags, Badges:
Clothing, Bags, Stickers, Badges, Keyrings, Cards, Wristbands:
Clothing, Stickers, Flags, Mugs, Keyrings
Beermats, stamps, magnets, cards, badges, clothing
Clothing, Travel & Car Accessories, Keyrings, Pins & Badges, Bags, Home & Office, Phone & Tech Cases, Flags & Stickers

6) Myths about The EU - info against Brexiter lies/misinformation
If you've ever wondered whether a negative story about the EU is true, half true, or an outright lie, then have a look at this massive list of some of the outright lies & half truths peddled since 1992 by the likes of Boris Johnson, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Star, The Daily Express, The Telegraph but also sometimes passed on without adequate fact checking by other papers and TV/Radio.
You'll notice that even with the half true ones, the EU didn't initiate the guideline, rule, regulation or law, but was prompted to do so by a particular industry, a joint European Standards organisation (including the relevant British one), or one or more of the sovereign member states' governments (including the UK's).  Much of the time, these are guidelines, with individual countries able to implement in accordance with, or alongside existing customs traditions. Eg we can still buy pints of beer, measure height in feet & inches, measure weight in stone, buy bendy fruit & veg, play bagpipes at full volume and be woken up on a Sunday by church bells.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Activism Update - With Time running out, what can we do?

The Idea Pool for Local Groups and the 48% Admin staff have trawled the internet to find events, ideas, initiatives that you may not be aware of.


Writing to MPs.

We need to get people writing to their MPs. They definitely hear from the angry Brexiteers. It needs to be new people, it needs to be a constant push. Click on the link below to find your MP's address. When writing or e-mailing your MP please cc the Chief Whip (Julian Smith for Tories and Nick Brown for Labour.) When they get a lot of correspondence on one subject they are supposed to notify their Chief Whip.

Click here to find your MP's address

Click here for adirect link, with a pre written online letter from People‘s Vote 

LETTER STORMDate - Friday the 9th of November. (Organised by #Stop Brexit)
Democracy didn't end on the 23rd of June 2016. We want a people's vote, with an option to remain.
Stamp - Second class
Address - The Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA, UK.

Writing to the Queen
Our Monnarch has only a reepresentational function nowadays. But she is there to represent us. She has weekly meetings with May. If she receives enough letters, who knows? She may subject subject Theresa to a few choice words regarding Brexit. Here is a link to help you with protocol

Write to your local newspaper
Local groups have become very adept at using the letters sction of the local newspaper to get the message out either about their group or to challenge the Brexit narrative in their region. This will become very important regardless of how this turns out. If we Brexit, we have to start fighting to return (Article 49, anyone?) if we avert Brexit, we have to carry on educating the public. The negative consequences of the 2016 referendum can no longer be fully avoided; businesses planning on leaving have already triggered those plans, or are about to do so. The exodus of business cannot be blamed on the EU but are a consequence of the confusion from Westminster. Local papers are a trusted source for information; use them! (Also, Molly Scott Cato recommends it! - Listen to Cakewatch, episode 28!)


There are an awful lot of petitions out there that need signing. Rather than posting about them piecemeal, here is a link to site that is dedicated to petitions

Some potential petitions to find, sign and share ...
Protext our Freedom of Movement rights
Repeal the EU Withdrawal Act
Extend Voting Rights to British abroad
Stop Brexit

One that is particularly important is the ECI for citizenship: Please share it to all the many corners of the EU: Follow this link

Court cases

There are two extremely important Court cases coming up and in the last 2 days we have been given the Court Hearing Dates: 

1) Action for Expat Votes - being heard in the EU court in Luxemburg on 26th December, which is fiighting for those who could not vote in 2016 and are EU citizens. If this course wins - a BIG problem for Brexit.

2) UKinEU Challenge: which has been given a 2 our Oral hearing on Friday 7th December: ''Unusually for this type of matter, the Government will also be attending and making representations via its top Barrister, First Treasury Counsel, Sir James Eadie QC. Sir James represented the Government in the Gina Miller Article 50 proceedings: ‘R (Miller) vs Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union’

Please click here to find the Wolchhover Action Page 

Crowd funders

RepresentUs who have organised lobbying of MPs and Lords as well as the influential poll that revealed the levels of support for Remain in Labour Constituencies is hoping ot run another poll, but it does need funding! 

Madeleina Kay EU Supergirl, Young European of the Year, Madeleina has been campaigning up and down the country raising awareness and a smile with a song.

Ben Chambers has been running Sixteen Million Rising, a radio show that promotes the EU and supports local groups. It features music on a theme chosen by remainers and interviews personalties such as Tony Robinson and Anna Soubry. In order to continue funding this two and a half year old project, he needs your support! Click here


From Tim Evans, Compére for the Vigil and the Is it worth it Bus, an idea to mobilise people and to bring folks into your local group and motivate folks to get active:
Identify six “targets” whom you would talk to with a view to persuading them to write to their MP. We have undertaken during the next week to approach;

1 Friend
1 Relative
1 Work Colleague
1 Neighbour
1 Student or young person under 25
1 Stranger

Cheltenham4EU have taken to the streets with a blackboard and chalk. They get members of the public to chalk up their messages for their MPs and then they tweet / email the pictures (with permission) to their MP.

What about having a Letter writing Party to have fun writing together to your MP?

Brexitometer Extension! Ontop of the usual Brexitometer questions you can also ask quiz questions to eeradicate some of those EUmyths! Here is a link to those myths!

November 10th
People‘s Vote in York 13:00

November 28th Is Brexit Inevitable (Esher and Walton European Movement organising - no link!) 

Sodem Mon – Thurs come rain or shine. Go along and help them out if you are in London!

Nov 22nd
Shrewsbury. Brexit: facing up to the realities with Anna Soubry, Mike Gallsworthy, Madeleina Kay

Nov 28th
Cardiff. Brexit: an Update. With Lord Michael Heseltine, no less.

Finally; Chipping Barnet for EU have made a fantastic to do list as well. Here is the link!

Thank you for your attention! And just a quick plug:

If your group has NOT got a representative on the Idea Pool, please come and join us – and participate! You will have to answer the question, though!) 

We have a website where we try to advertise groups and events and if there is anything your group wants us to post there, guest articles (500 word max) are always welcome 

And the 48% is a group that tries to ensure that people know what is going on in the movement to the best of our ability. If you aren‘t with us already, please do come and join us! (And answer the questions!)

The 48% Admin Team!

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Three Blokes in a Pub

Like Ronseal, three blokes in a pub does (more or less) what it says on the tin – three blokes, in a pub, talking Brexit facts.